Integrating sustainability into our day-to-day operations....The Centre is progressively setting the ways and means to manage its property and develop projects with a green mindset and to build awareness amongst its employees, suppliers, tenants and partners.

Energy Efficiency

Through its environmental program, The Centre closely monitors environmental compliance. It has also strengthened the language of its standard lease agreements, which outline the tenants’ obligation with regard to environmental legislation.


The Centre has a recycling program in place. Cardboard is being recycled with two 40 cubic yard compactors (one on Centre East and one on Centre West). Glass and aluminum cans are being recycled at the Food Court. The Centre recycled 84,506 kg of cardboard for the year 2008 and diverted 207.0 MT of total garbage and 111.1 MT of recycled materials, diverting 34.9% of total recyclables for recycling or reuse. Every year these initiatives help divert considerable amounts of recyclable material from landfill sites.

GO Green Initiatives

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Recycled Carpet in The LINK

The Centre has installed 257 yards of recycled carpet in The LINK between Centre East and Centre West.  When the life of this carpet is complete, the carpet will be reclaimed into new recycled carpet, completing a full life cycle (from raw material extraction through end of life).  This carpet purchase results in the retirement of 4 tons of verified greenhouse gas emission reduction credits.  These offset generate environmental benefits equivalent to:


Offsets 8,167 Pounds of Green house Gas (GHG) Emissions or

421 Gallons of Gasoline Not Consumed or

1 passenger Car Not Driven For One Year


Centre East:  Going Green With Cardboard Recycling

The purchase of a 35 cubic self-contained compactor has allowed us to separate cardboard from the waste system.  With this new initiative we will now be able to divert approximately 50% (60 metric tonnes) away from the landfill, thereby significantly reducing the amount of cardboard entering the garbage stream.

The Centre Go Green Recycling Program

Through the Go Green Recycling Program, The Centre recycled 86.5 metric tonnes of cardboard in one year.


By recycling this amount the following materials were saved compared to using virgin material to make the same quantity of cardboard:

  • 1,471 trees were saved.
  • 59,000 gallons of oil were saved.
  • Enough water was saved to fill 124,000 office water cooler bottles.
  • By diverting cardboard away from the landfill, landfill space equivalent to ½ of a hockey rink filled to the tip of the boards (1metre) was saved.
  • The 1,471 trees saved by recycling cardboard will absorb 9.8 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide in a year.

 A total of 126.9 metric tonnes of material was diverted from the landfill in one year (cardboard, beverage containers, used cooking oil, wood skids).  This is equivalent to the weight of 61 cars



The Centre has received BOMA BEST Certification!


BOMA BEST Certification demonstrates that The Centre has met all of BOMA's best practices BOMA looks for.  Best practices include performing an energy audit and a water audit, continually monitoring resource consumption and having a preventative maintenance program.  These basic elements and the other best practices are the foundation of good environmental management.


PCL and Morguard Donate 50,000sf of Ceiling Tile to Greater Saskatoon Catholic School Board